M33ks (m33ks) wrote in the_precursors,
Well now....
About the person who wrote about Seem being male from the NDI e-mail... this is going to CONFUSE all of us, and make me think that perhaps our beloved Monk's gender should just be left open for interpretation.
I to e-mailed Naughty Dog with the question of Seem's gender a while back and they replied.

From : ndi <artist2@naughtydog.com>
Sent : February 15, 2005 2:17:28 PM
To : "'Lawrence A'" <dulcy_lauren@hotmail.com>
Subject : RE: Comments submitted via the Naughty Dog website

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Thanks for your support & being a fan of Naughty Dog and our games. Thanks for playing. Seem is a girl. About more J&D games If you are reading this early enough, we don’t know yet. If you are reading this later, we can’t say. Stay tuned, and check out game websites and video game magazines.

I really think they probably have some representative. I didn't e-mail them with just Seem's gender in question, I e-mailed them about the Jak games and some questions on their 3D software. Those are the only two questions they answered. It's pretty damn brief itself, too.
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