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The Precursor's Legacy

A Jak and Daxter Community

August 20th, 2014

Please go vote "5"!

PoP: TTT Mask
My goodness, this community turned 10 years old this past February.

My fellow Jak and Daxter fans, I have a favor to ask of you.  There’s something at stake where I need as much help as possible.

If you would take a few minutes to sign up/log in and vote “5” for my shirt design (“Legacies” by Arianna, as seen below), it would mean the world to me.  And then reblog and share it with your friends, family, enemies, etc., and ask them to please do the same (the Tumblr post is here).  Unfortunately you can’t actually view the entries without having an account, so after you sign up, the link should show my design if you try it again.

The grand prize is a trip to tour Naughty Dog studios, something I’ve dreamed of since I was a kid putting on goggles and a red scarf and blue shirt and pretending I’m Jak while playing the games, so please, please, please help however you can.  If you can show that you voted for mine, I’ll even do some sketches for you.


June 27th, 2012

So, um... I don't know whether this community is dead or not, but if not, I come bearing alternate-universe fanfic! I've been a fan of the games for a long time and I've been doing some fanwork based on them recently.

I'm new here and still trying to figure out how all the formatting works, but here's the link to my Daxter-centric AU, Daxter, Alone:


And, uh... nice to meet you, anyone who hasn't deserted this fandom by now.

March 28th, 2011

Amazon.com Link

Reviews are coming in and they don't look good.
Just Push Start
Playr Review: YouTube Video
And many more out there, I'm sure...

June 16th, 2010

renjiluvah was awesome and found more info! Have an IGN article.


It's got the basic premise for why the crossover happens, which I know is an important factor for some people. It seems pretty "generic crossover plot" to me, but it's still something.

Renji also found what seems to be the publishers for the game (all the delivery is from her), Nihilistic.


They've done more than HIG, at least, but still nothing too memorable. Either way, here you go!

*floods all Jak comms ever*

June 15th, 2010

Jak X Glitch?

[Ratchet & Clank] Out here alone
Hi, new member c:

I was just wondering if anyone had encountered any problems with starting up Jak X? I bought a used copy a couple of weeks ago and just tried to play it today.

But it gets stuck on the 'select language screen' :| Like, no matter how much I press X, I can't make it select English and move on. There's nothing wrong with my PS2 or controller (I double checked with other games just in case), and both the game and my system are PAL.

If you remove the disc while still on the screen, you get the 'disc is removed, please insert Jak X disc to continue play' message, so I don't think it freezes, it just. Gets stuck on the language screen :(

I've cleaned the disc and it's scratch free so I dunno. Anyone have any ideas? XD; I want to play~!

Or should I just get another copy and hope it works?

A new game was announced with the working title "Heroes on the Move" that features Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, and Sly Cooper. I don't know who the publisher/company making it will be, but it's new Jak!

edit Here's some trailers and articles!




June 3rd, 2010

We'll, I'm eBaying my other copy of the Jak and Daxter LE DVD I had on my own account this time. This comm seems kind of dead, but I figured it couldn't hurt to mention it.

Basically, the DVD contains the cutscenes from the first 3 Jak and Daxter games, plus some bonus feature stuff. This one isn't in completely mint condition, as the shrinkwrap's been removed, but beyond that it's barely been used.


March 17th, 2010

(no subject)

[ff7] beautiful

[ 77 total at my icon journal ]

Please note that I only got up to "Make war your own," and actually skipped a couple cutscenes inbetween. This means that, no, my time making Damas icons is not finished. I'm just...gonna stop for a while because from just those few cutscenes I did use, I wound up with about four thousand screencaps to run off of. That did only make 77 icons, as the caps aren't all completely usable in my opinion--it's frame by frame so there isn't always a lot of variation--but that's still a pretty huge amount just to go through.

These were made partially because Damas Is My Homeboy and partially because fullmetalkatu asked me quite nicely if I wouldn't mind putting together a couple (just a couple, she said, ffff overkill) icons of Damas for survivorking.

Also I apologize in advance for the filenames on some of these.

March 10th, 2010

EDIT: There are some much clearer, brighter pictures here, courtesy of Joystiq. And that's me in the middle of #21, in the black shirt and long skirt. XD This must have been early on in the evening, since it was still relatively empty.


Welp, I guess I should finally update on how the gallery was.

First things first: if anyone else in the SoCal area is planning on going, I would love to meet up to see it again!

It was hell trying to find the place (any other Jaktards who go, look for the large painted 1015 on the wall along Cahuenga and a little way down there will be a huge set of gates; go through the gates and you should see signs with arrows with a stylized G, that's where you want to go) but we got there a little after 7PM. Admittance is free.

The place was PACKED.  Shoulder to shoulder with Dogs, art students, gamers and press (though unfortunately, no Evan :C).  There were about 50 pieces on display, everything from digital to oil painting, photography to sculpture.  The only Dog I identified was Nichol Norman, who was interviewed next to one of her pieces (Untitled, shown beneath the cut).  Nothing was specifically Jak or Uncharted related, there were just some beautiful examples of art.

Norman's work was stunning, as was Hong Ly's, Ryan McGeary's, Kanh Nguyen's, Brian Beppu's and Iki Ikram's.

My favorite by far was Andrew Kim.  He had three pieces on display (Escape #1, Escape #2 and The City), all of which must have been inspired by Bob Rafei's concept art for TPL.  Deep, reddish orange metal highlighted with bright blue lights running along the side, and a long-eared elf character in armor being chased by enormous robots made of the same metal as the buildings.  They were breathtaking in how much detail was crammed into them, and I swear if I had the money I would have bought every single one; as it is, I am going to ask about buying prints. I should note though, that Kim only joined NDI while Uncharted II was halfway through production; it looks more like he just took a lot of influence from the Jak series.

Unfortunately, we only had a cellphone camera and the pictures came out awful.  Some are blurred, but most are washed out.  I've uploaded the best pictures or ones that I felt the art was too good not to share, and I intend to go back with a real camera to get some decent shots. As you can tell, the lighting wasn't always optimal, and some of the pieces ended up with a lot of glare.

God knows I'm not an art critic, but I've added my impressions too.

The art; NSFW images are linked, click thumbnails for more detailCollapse )

March 6th, 2010

Welp, it's that time!

manawolf and I are headed to downtown Los Angeles to see Unleashed: The Art of Naughty Dog.  We have no idea how many Dogs will be there, or if Evan will be there, but I'd go just to see the art!

I made a Seal of Mar model that I'd love to pass on for the office, so we'll see how that goes.

And now we're off~!
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